N. Alex Tonelli


Alex Tonelli is Founder of three companies under the Endurance umbrella: Vocate, Funding Circle and Endurance Fitness. At Funding Circle, he was Co-CEO of Endurance Lending Network and later Managing Director of Funding Circle USA. At Endurance Fitness, he was President and personally oversaw the buildout of the first three clubs. Today, he is focused as CEO of Vocate.

Previously, he spent his career in various investing roles at Summit Partners in Boston, Hasso Plattner Ventures in Cape Town, Seneca Capital in New York, and Dubly-Douilhet in Lille, France. Outside of investing, Alex implemented a turnaround strategy as CEO of Global Vision, a marketing SaaS company in Hasso’s portfolio. He has also worked in consumer banking at Citigroup, as a brand consultant at Lubin Lawrence, and at the US Embassy in Paris. Lastly, he is particularly proud of his time as a sales associate at J.Crew, where he topped the global sales leader board.

Alex received an MBA from Stanford University and an AB, cum laude, from Dartmouth College. He is a Founding Donor of the DEN Innovation Center and also on the Investment Committee of Green D Ventures, which invests in Dartmouth-related startups.

Personal: The Endurance story goes back to Alex and Will causing mischief at Hotchkiss and plotting about how they wanted to build companies together. At Dartmouth, they would win two Ivy League rugby championships and have their first meeting with Sam, who is rumored to have given Alex a black eye during a match. Alex is particularly proud of these early beginnings, having earned scholarships and worked his way through schools in spite of a difficult upbringing. He is a fierce NY sports fan and is passionate about playing hockey, skiing, and squash.